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Last updated: July 24, 2021
For Proposed National Standards of Canada activities, visit Notices of Intent on the Standards Council of Canada site.

Notice of Intent

CSA intends to begin work on the projects listed below. These projects include the development of new standards and new editions (including adoptions), and endorsements. If you have relevant expertise and would like to contribute time, comments, or are able to support the development financially, please contact the person listed for that item.

Program Standard Title Date Posted CSA Contact
Energy  B140.12 (New Edition)  Oil-Burning Equipment: Service Water Heaters For Domestic Hot Water, Space Heating, And Swimming Pools
11/23/2020  Dragica Jeremic Nikolic
Energy  Z245.15, New Edition  Steel Valves
7/2/2021  Pablo Fernandez Marchi
Electrical / Electronics  C22.2 NO. 104, Amendment  Humidifiers
7/14/2021  Ana Andronescu
Energy  SPE-343  Electric Vehicle Energy Management Systems
7/24/2021  Umer Khan

Proposed Reaffirmations

The standards listed below are under review to determine if they remain technically valid and current. If you have any comments, send them to the CSA contact. Your comments will be passed on to the appropriate committee for consideration. Although the proposal is to reaffirm these standards, the result of the review may be to withdraw them. Action taken will be announced in a future issue of Info Update.

Program Standard Title Date Posted CSA Contact
Life Sciences  Z1625-16  Training curriculum standards for ground search and rescue operations: Searcher, team leader, and SAR manager
7/7/2021  Ron Meyers
Energy  Z625-16  Well design for petroleum and natural gas industry systems
7/12/2021  Jonathan Venalainen
Life Sciences  CAN/CSA-Z1002-12 (R2017)  Occupational health and safety Ś Hazard identification and elimination and risk assessment and control
7/15/2021  Lina Lopez
Energy  N286.10-16  Configuration management for high energy reactor facilities
7/15/2021  Eve Stencel
Construction Products and Materials  ASME A112.18.6-2017/CSA B125.6-17  Flexible water connectors
7/16/2021  Jeff Menard
Energy  N290.5-16  Requirements for electrical power and instrument air systems of CANDU nuclear power plants
7/21/2021  Eve Stencel
Energy  N290.6-16  Requirements for monitoring and display of nuclear power plant safety functions in the event of an accident
7/21/2021  Eve Stencel
Electrical / Electronics  C22.2 NO. 1691  Single pole locking-type separable connectors
7/21/2021  Carmen Chan

Proposed Withdrawals

These documents are being considered for withdrawal. If you have any questions or concerns, send them to the CSA contact. Although the proposal is to withdraw these standards, the result of the review may be to reaffirm them. Action taken will be announced in a future issue of Info Update.

Program Standard Title Date Posted CSA Contact
Electrical / Electronics  C22.2 NO. 140.2-96 (R2021)  Hermetic Refrigerant Motor-Compressors
7/8/2021  Carmen Chan

ANSI Notifications

ANSI PINS, BSR-8 and BSR-9 notifications for CSA/ANSI standards. Proceed to ANSI Standards Action.

Drafts for Public Review

Draft standards, draft amendments, and endorsements are available for public review and comment before they are approved by the committee. The comment period is normally 60 days from the date posted. Proceed to the list of drafts available for Public Review.